Best creative templates for Adobe Muse – Updated

There are over 100 000 creative templates for Muse. Beginners and customers is very difficult to choose a quality and beautiful site. How to choose a creative but a multi-purpose template?


In this article you will find the most popular, high-quality templates that will suit you in all respects!


  1. NOHO

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Unique adaptive template with a minimalist design. Noho – is a bestseller among the templates for Adobe Muse. If you want to start or develop designs from scratch, use this template. He is multi-purpose and is perfect for any task.



  1. Tersus

?? Ð Ð ° Ñ Ñ ?? ?? инки по Ð · Ð ° Ð¿Ñ Ð¾Ñ ?? ?? ?? Ñ  Tersus Muse Template

Tersus includes 14 high-quality and beautiful patterns. This fully flexible template for any task. This template over 4000 downloads. It is an ideal candidate if you do not have a website!


  1. Refined

?? Ð Ð ° Ñ Ñ ?? ?? инки по Ð · Ð ° Ð¿Ñ Ð¾Ñ ?? ?? ?? Ñ  Refined Muse Template

Refined – is a new and very cool template. Animation, unique designs and more than 50 ready-made pages. Each page is adaptive for all popular devices. This is a mandatory template for your business.



  1. Sayago

Sayago is ready multipurpose template. It has more than 45 ready-made unique pages. Stylish, creative and modern design, each page is adaptive to mobile devices.


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