Magic Form drop-down list, calndar, mask for Adobe Muse

Magic Form – field mask, drop-down list, calendary in Adobe Muse

The Magic Form widget extends the standard form capabilities in Adobe Muse.

Preview widget

Most modern sites have such simple functions as a drop-down list, mask or calendary. But in Adobe Muse everything is more complicated, so we created a widget that will allow us to quickly use these functions.

What can a widget Magic Forms do:

  • Create drop-down list
  • Create a mask for the field. You can specify your own template. (For example: only numbers, only letters, mixed type)
  • Create a calendar with a date selection. You can customize the translation of the calendary on your own.
  • Create a slider. Moving the slider, the value in the field will automatically change. You can specify a suffix (For example: $ 1000 or 2 people, etc.)

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