Tube – Responsive Adobe Muse Video Widget

Tube — is a powerful responsive video widget for Adobe Muse CC 15.2+, based on MuCow format 4.

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Widget provide Fullscreen Video, Full Width Video section, Full Height Video sections, and even video of any size and proportions that you want. Video container is exercising responsive on all devices and will respond to any changes in the size of the browser.

Widget supports playback of a single video from YouTube and Vimeo, YouTube playlists using YouTube API, Vimeo, Twitch videos and Twitch Channels as well as playback of MP4, WebM and OGG files c using HTML5 video tag. Widget settings are very flexible and allow you to implement any idea.

  •  Vimeo Background mode is integrated with Vimeo single video mode
  •  Twitch video renamed to Twitch video & collection
  •  Added Background checkbox for Vimeo player
  •  Added Plays inline checkbox for Vimeo player
  •  Added Speed checkbox for Vimeo player
  •  Added Transparent player checkbox for Vimeo player
  •  Added Collections for Twitch video player
  •  Twitch channel player and video player updated
  •  Fixed click to play/pause for MP4, WebM, OGG
  •  Fixed Autoplay for Vimeo single
Live Preview Get the widget

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